15 October 2012

Gimme A Lift?

What is hotter than a powerful bodybuilder showing off?

A powerful bodybuilder dominating another bodybuilder, of course!  I saw this photo recently and knew I had to share it.

Both of these guys are impressive bodybuilders, Alpha Males if you will. Can you imagine the strength and power of the near muscle god doing the lifting here? The lifted guy is a hotty, too, but he's lifted completely overhead by the guy on the bottom and both of 'em are smiling broadly. It is a display of pure, brute strength. It is an amazing example of PDA, two shirtless muscle men showing off by having one dominate the other by lifting up overhead like a human barbell.  I love how the guy getting lifted is still flexing, showing off what he's got, too.  Both are totally worship worthy, but especially the brutal stud holding a human being overhead using only his shear strength.

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