09 July 2013 Is Live

Decisions have been made. Action has been taken.

My new website and blog,, is has been launched and is live.
Please visit and bookmark the site. This blog will no longer be updated. All new content will be at

Come on! You know you want to.

08 July 2013

An Amazing Muscle Comparison

Sometimes you see a picture and you think, Damn! Here is one of those photos:

This photograph looks like a scene from one of my books. It may just become a scene in one of my books. here we get to bodybuilders comparing their physiques. The little guy is shredded and looks awesome. Then the big guy comes in and just dwarfs the little one. It appears that the big guy's arm  is as big as the little guy's thighs. It is apparent that his fore arm is as big or bigger than the little guy's calves. Hell, this fore arms are as big or bigger than the little guy's biceps!

Normally, I'd say that the little guy is a total Alpha Male, but here, the big guy is. The little guy is hot, hot, hot, but seeing him dwarfed in comparison to the bigger guy is just amazing. The comparison just makes the man I would have called a muscle god the total muscle puppy. The big guy could use the little one a a muscle toy. If you would happen to know the name of the little guy, or where I could find other pix of him, drop me a line.

01 July 2013

Flexing Biceps in a Small Shirt

This guy isn't huge. But he has some guns. I really like the way he shows 'em off.

The way the shirt fits suggests that his arms are over developed, out of proportion to the rest of him. I like that. I really like that. I think this guy really knows how to show off what he's got.

28 June 2013

Changes Coming

Now that I am less in the moment, I am going to take some time and reassess the purpose and direction of this blog. I will no longer be blogging at this address. There are 4 entries scheduled and they will be posted. After that when I know where my new blog will be, I'll post a link along with an announcement.
Thank you for your support over all these years. I hope that we can continue our a new location.

26 June 2013

It's Been A Good Run

Well, it has been a good run.
Blogger will no longer allow Adult Content blogs to be monitized.
Which means they won't allow me to have links to my book or where you could buy my books.
Blogger is bullshit.

24 June 2013

Romeo Boxer Takes Some Gut Punches

Sometimes a little gut punching is hot.
This is a boxer who is known to me as Romeo Boxer.

These are real body shots.
He's taking them like a champ. See how he's interacting with other people in the gym while taking the punches? Then he lifts up his arms in a double biceps pose at the end. Man what a freaking stud!

17 June 2013

Not Huge, But Shredded

This guy isn't huge. But he is shredded to the bone and it makes what muscle he has look freaking awesome.

I would make this man my muscle toy: make him train and train and pack on muscle just for me. My guess is that this guy freaks people out when he takes off his shirt. He's not big enough to look muscular in a shirt. But take that shirt off and bam: muscle. Love surprising muscle.


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