17 June 2010

Biceps Galore!

Because I haven't posted in a while, and because biceps are just amazing muscles, here are a few pictures from my collection.

Okay, boys, flex for us!

This first guy claims his biceps are only 12-inches, but damn, he's making every inch count!

This guy is too shy to look at the camera. Or maybe he's too caught up in his own flexing. Either way, it looks like one or two more pumps of that arm and his sleeve is going to burst!
Can you get much better than this? Great arms and a stunning torso is an awesome combination.
Not as big as the guy right above, but this fellow is showing the split between the two heads, and his definition is lick-worthy.
Another smaller bicep, but it looks plenty big from this vantage point.
This guy is a stunner! Not super cut, but massive and check out that peak! It's like the Mount Olympus of biceps!
My personal favorite from this collection. He's youthful, hunky, with thick muscles and just look at the size of his forearm.
Another beautiful bicep. That shirt probably isn't long for this world. He looks disappointed! How could he be disappointed?
Thanks for flexing for us, boys. We appreciate your hard work, your beautiful biceps and your sharing them with us. Now, about a private session....

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ripdtothemaxmuzclez said...

Hoooooolyyyyyyy crap on a stack! The first pic mine. For a weird reason. I am sexy and ripped.


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